About Me

I’m Jordan Tuwiner.

I grew up in the United States, but currently live in Israel where I serve in the army as a lone soldier. I studied one year at Towson University before making aliyah to Israel.

I founded Orioles-Nation.com in high school and built it into one of the top Orioles websites. My passion for baseball slowly faded and I sold the site in October 2013.

I’m a Bitcoin proponent; it’s going to do to money what the internet did to communication and information. My favorite Bitcoin website is The Nakamoto Institute. I created Bitcoin Obituaries and founded No Third Party.

I think about libertarianism, Austrian economics, and homesteading. I’m a thinker, reader, writer, and minimalist.

I’m currently dreaming and planning my travels for after the army, while still trying to make the most of the rest of my service. Only 14 more months!

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